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LAST UPDATED on 20th Sep 2016 at 12:00 Hrs.


20/09/2016 - General Body Meeting of Rewari SSA will be held on 01/10/2016 at 3.00 PM. Venue - Telephone Exchange, Jhajjar Chowk, Rewari. Circle and CHQ leaders will address the meeting (Click Here)


Report of General Body Meeting held on 09/09/2016 at Faridabad

Declaration of Result for promotion from Group C to JTO (Electrical)

List of Upgradation of Officers from E2A to E3 scale

Vacancy position for LICE from Group C to JTO for vacancy year 2014-15 to be held on 24/09/2016

10/09/2016 - A glimpse of General Body Meeting at Faridabad SSA on 09/09/2016


Full Day Dharna on 06th and 07th Sep 2016 at SSA Headquarters

Full Day Dharna on 06th and 07th Sep 2016
United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations consisting of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA launched organizational actions demanding
1) Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A
2) 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL direct recruits
3) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.

All District / Branch Secretaries are requested to make all out preparations for the two days Dharna on 06th and 07th September. Ensure 100% participation on both days.

05/09/2016 - Haryana Circle General Body Meeting on 09/09/2016 at Faridabad. Venue - Akash Hotel, 12, Neelam Bata Road, NIT, Faridabad. Timings - 3.00 pm

Circle and CHQ leaders will address the meeting

05/09/2016 - DS SNEA, Karnal Sh. Rajkumar and CWC Member , SNEA, Sh. Ranbir Singh welcomed Director (CFA), Sh. N.K. Gupta & CGM Haryana, Sh. R.C. Arya in Kurukshetra on 04/09/2016 on the occasion of inauguration of Wi-Fi Services in entire village Gumthala Garhu, Distt. Kurukshetra

History, status and vision of SNEA on Superannuation benefit to
BSNL directly recruited employees:

After pay, pension and terminal benefits are the most important concern for any serving employee. Similarly, for the employees directly recruited by BSNL, Superannuation benefit is the most important issue directly affecting their social security. At the time of formation of BSNL itself, this important issue got covered in Rule 37A. As per Rule 37A, BSNL employees absorbed from DoT are covered by Govt pension under CCS pension Rules 1972 and for the BSNL directly recruited employees, a separate pension fund is to be formed. Instead of forming a separate pension fund, EPF pension scheme introduced for the BSNL directly recruited employees, after discussion with the Unions and Assns. All were demanding for a more secured EPF scheme instead of forming a pension fund.

Initially, the EPF contribution was a fixed amount of Rs 781/- per month for all the BSNL directly recruited JTO/JAOs, with the ceiling of 12% of 6500, irrespective of the emoluments. BSNL continued the same contribution till 2005. SNEA struggled since 2003 for the removal of the ceiling on EPF contribution, demanding full 12% of the emoluments (basic pay plus IDA) as the employer contribution. Finally BSNL management agreed to our demand in May, 2005 and BSNL Board approved the proposal with retrospective effect. The orders issued removing the ceiling on 12 th August, 2005 with retrospective effect, making provision for EPF contribution @ 12% of emoluments, w/o ceiling, a big achievement for the BSNL direct recruits. This was the second major issue, SNEA could settle for the BSNL directly recruited JTO/JAOs. First was the E1A pay scale for the direct recruits also at par with the absorbed officers instead of E1 scale.

2 nd PRC recommended a separate pension fund, with a contribution, maximum upto 30% of the emoluments towards PF, Pension, Gratuity and Post Retirement Medical Benefits. This demand came into limelight when Forum gone on agitation in 2012 along with other demands of 78.2% IDA and CCL. Till that time management was taken a stand that there is no need for a separate pension fund as EPF scheme is available. During settlement of the agitation, management agreed to constitute a committee to examine it. The committee recommended for a separate pension fund, starting with a contribution of 2% from BSNL.

In 2013-14, then CMD agreed for 4% contribution and in our AIC at Jaipur, present CMD assured 6% contribution, in the presence of almost all the General Secretaries. However there was no conscience among the Unions/Assns even on 6%, sticking to unrealistic demand of 12%. On 19.02.2016 in our absence, management announced 3% in a meeting and gone ahead with that. SNEA strongly protested against this betrayal. We are continuing our struggle to see that this 3% contribution is enhanced to the 6% as assured to SNEA. Eventhough the 3% proposal is approved by Board and gone to DoT for approval, our strong protest reopened the case and management agreed to review the contribution after recalculation of the medical expenses. Now UF also taken it as a demand in the trade union notice.

The proposal is pursued in DoT for early administrative approval. Association met almost all the senior officers in DoT in this regard. On 19.08.2016, an agenda meeting was held with secretary, DoT in this regard in which Secretary directed the concerned officers to clear the proposal and assured that DoT approval will be communicated to BSNL shortly.
Our future agenda in 3 rd PRC is to ensure that superannuation benefit is becoming a mandatory provision, giving no scope to the management to linger on or decide the quantum of contribution.


History, status and vision of SNEA on E2, E3 Pay Scales for JTO,
SDE and equivalent Cadres:

Earnest Appeal from SNEA to “All the Stake Holders” to join hands for a conclusive fight on E2, E3 Pay scales in the coming days.

Comrades, today the basic cadres, JTO and SDE equivalent are under threat of demotion. These prestigious cadres got higher pay scales and recognition through continuous struggles for the last three decades, since 1984. The JTO cadre is having the history of struggles and the Association also got transformed after each struggle from erstwhile JETA(I) to JTOA(I) to TEOA(I) to SNEA.
During DoT era, cadre based Associations was the concept. During 1980s, the pay scales of JE (Jr Engineer and now JTO), was less than that of JAOs and even selection grade PIs. Through continuous struggles for three years from 1984 to 1987, JEs redesignated as JTOs and the pay scale revised from 425-15-700 to 550 - -- - (revised scale of 1400-40-2700 to 1640-60-2900). The agitation was so terrific, Union Cabinet forced to decide the pay scales of JTO Cadre in DoT. The Assn also renamed from JETA(I) to JTOA(I).

During V Central Pay commission (CPC), through continuous struggle and interaction with CPC, JTOA(I) (SNEA) achieved further recognition by one more upward revision of pay scales from 5500-150- 9000(pre- revised 1640-60- 2900) to Rs.6500-200- 10500 (pre-revised 2000- -- ) w.e.from 1st January 1996. As a natural process, upgradation of pay scales of SDE took place from 6500-200-10500 to 7500-250-12000 due to upward revision of pay scale of JTO. Assn also renamed fromJTOA(I) to TEOA(I), eligible to enroll all JTOs and officers promoted from JTO cadre.
After formation of BSNL, the Group B Gazetted status given us recognition in the way of absorption as an Executive in BSNL. All other similar cadres absorbed in BSNL as Non Executives. During absorption process, TEOA(SNEA) was the only Assn demanded terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL/MTNL like a) pay scales, b) Promotion policy and c) Fitment formula for an informed choice. We would like to mention here that all other Sister Organizations gave their consent to BSNL Management that they are ready to get absorbed in BSNL with an Adhoc payment of Rs.2000/-. TEOA(SNEA) fought the matter organizationally and legally in Court of Law and compelled BSNL Management to declare Terms and Conditions before Absorption. Management offered E1, E2, -- - E6 Pay scales to JTO, SDE, Sr SDE, DE, DGM and SG DGM equivalent grades. TEOA(SNEA) demanded E2 scale for JTO, E3 for SDE, -- --E7 scale for SG DGM. TEOA(SNEA) single handedly fought again organizationally in 2002-03 by Nationwide struggle. BSNL management finally agreed for E1A, E2A, -- - E6 for JTO, SDE, -- - equivalent grades in 2003. Even though management was decided to extend only E1 pay scales for the BSNL recruits, our agitation forced them to extend E1A scales for all, absorbees as well as new BSNL recruits. Here we would like to mention that Pay scale of JTO / SDE is concern of SNEA (Erstwhile known as TEOA, JTOA, and JETA) since decades and by lot of struggle we have achieved results also.

2 nd PRC given us another opportunity to demand for E2, E3 -- - pay scales which was our original demand since formation of BSNL. A joint committee was formed in 2012 after the joint agitation of United Forum but it was practically defunct. E1A and E2A are the only two pay scales where the presidential orders are not issued by DoT. All other pay scales, E3 to E9, presidential orders are issued by DoT in 2009 and implemented in BSNL. More importantly these are the entry level pay scales of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO. Terms of reference of the Joint Committee was limited to replacement of E1A and E2A scales by E2 and E3. SNEA is sincerely trying for E2, E3 keeping thelarger interest of the cadre as well as the interest of the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007. Mgt was decided to demote the cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO by reducing the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. The demand of E2 scale from 01.10.2000, cascading effect etc from some sections was suiting the mgt which want to crush our legitimate demand of E2, E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A. When others were not serious on the issue, SNEA alone started organizational actions since February, 2014. During the agitations mgt again referred E1A and E2A scales to DoT and DPE for approval. By our timely intervention, DPE and DoT rejected the proposal in July, 2014. Only SNEA was pursuing this matter with DoT and DPE on a day to day basis to get the proposal rejected. If E1A and E2A scales were approved by DoT/DPE, then there is no scope for E2, E3 pay scales! Again SNEA launched agitation in Sept, 2014 and April-May, 2015 which resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee with a dynamic absorbed officer as its new Chairman. Further CMD directed the Jt Committee to meet regularly atleast once in a fortnight and submit the recommendations in 3 months time. Our vigil and continuous efforts in the Jt Committee resulted in a very positive and sweeping recommendation from the Jt Committee, which recommended replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007. Unfortunately, after signing the committee recommendation by all the three Assns, there was change in view in some sections. In the name of cascading effect etc they tried their level best, in connivance with the mgt, to derail the issue. We told one and all including Management that E2 to E7 is the demand of SNEA since absorption but E2 and E3 proposal should be separate from E4 to E7 as we are in immediate need of finalization of E2, E3 pay scales before 3rd PRC. Simultaneously the assured five TB promotions between 4 to 6 years, which we achieved in 2002 through sustained struggle, should not be disturbed. Knowing very well that DoT will not agree for a mini wage revision in the name of cascading effect just ahead of 3rd PRC, some sections compelled BSNL mgt to send a mini wage revision proposal to DoT. As assured to the Assn in the meeting with CMD and DIR(HR) on 17.05.2016, the MC approved the pay scale proposal in two parts 1) E1A to E2, E2A to E3 and 2) E3 to E4, -- , E6 to E7 and the proposals sent to DoT directly. The second part will be an uphill task as these scales are already approved by DoT in 2009 and the proposal is like another wage revision as all the scales are getting upgraded. It may take more time as it may have to go to Union Cabinet due to MTNL issue, which is not an easy task. Knowing all these facts, our friends tried for a single proposal from E2, E3 to E7.

As we afraid, DoT rejected the combined proposal of E2, -- -- E7 citing huge financial implications. DoT didn’t examine the first part of the proposal from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 in isolation. DoT even suggested to refer the matter to 3rd PRC where as the issue has to be dealt by BSNL and DPE. We will oppose this tooth and nail. Now all the Associations understood what is feasible and realistic and joined together demanding immediate approval of E2, E3 scales without disturbing the five TB promotions already we are having. If the promotions are disturbed, Jt Committee recommendation and implementation of CPSU Hierarchy also will be jeopardised. All are joined together with this single agenda. Strong organizational actions will be starting soon. We are committed to ensure that our basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO are not demoted. We are committed to see that our young comrades recruited after 01.01.2007 who are the committed soldiers of SNEA are getting E2, E3 scales with 5 promotions which the seniors are getting now.
The demand of E2, E3 is alive today, only due to the struggle of SNEA since 2014. It will be a natural process to get Sr SDE/Sr AO scale shifting from E3 to E4, then E4 to E5 -- - E6 to E7, atleast during 3rd PRC implementation. If E2, E3 not settled now, before 3rd PRC, there is no scope for E2, E3, -- E7 as it will automatically end up in E1+5 increments, E2, E3, -- - E6 forever, which management is trying to implement. Before 3rd PRC, atleast E2, E3 should be settled. At any cost, we should not allow demotion to happen. Once E2, E3 pay scales are approved, the demand of pay parity of Rs 22820/- for 2007 and 2008 batch can be strongly pursued.

Comrades, our immediate aim is to get the approval of E2, E3 pay scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A. E1A and E2A are the two pay scales, presidential orders are not issued so far. So, it is part of 2 nd PRC and should settle before 3 rd PRC. Whatever glory our predecessors earned for these cadres through various struggles, we should not allow that to fade. Now all the Assns joined together with this minimum demand. We will keep the five TB promotions intact, so that it will automatically lead to E2, E3, -- E7 in the coming days.



24/08/2016 - Lunch Hour Demonstration on 23/08/2016 at various SSA Headquarters

22/08/2016 -History, status and vision of SNEA on E2, E3 Pay Scales

20/08/2016 - Nomination of District level representatives for the purpose of membership verification among Executives Associations reg.


19/08/2016 - “Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA Headquarters and other major Centres on 23rd August, 2016.




20th June2016- CEC NOTICE FOR SNEA Haryana Circle >>>

SNEA Haryana circle  wishes Happy New Year to ALL







HOLI -2016



11th March 2016 -Consistent stand of the Association on replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 to be understood in right perspective since these cadres were demoted from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2. Also the mechanism of time bound functional promotion, CPSU cadre hierarchy, is a long term and everlasting career growth mechanism. We have to strive to facilitate its implementation.

This Association, as very responsible, realistic and credible institution, will act as an enabler and facilitator, not an obstructionist, to get the recommendations on these twin critical issues implemented, keeping in view the constraints and the ground realities.

Implementation of the recommendations remains a big challenge for us and let us stays united and vigilant to ensure that the recommendations are implemented as quickly as possible.

Joint Committee was constituted originally in 2012 and reconstituted in May 2015 to examine the crucial issues of introduction of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 to replace non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A, which were reduced to E1 and E2, for JTOs/SDEs and also to end the painful and continuing stalemate in our career growth by bringing in new mechanism of Cadre hierarchy, which assures time bound functional promotion, regardless of availability of posts and seniority.

Let us understand the basic fact regarding replacing non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A by E2 and E3 for JTOs/SDEs. Equivalent scales of E1A and E2A were not agreed upon by DOT and DPE. BSNL Management, instead of upgrading these scales to higher stages of E2 and E3, brought them down to E1 and E2. That is precisely where we intervened and strongly opposed the move to demote the cadres of JTOs/SDEs from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2. This is the genesis of the issue and that is why the Joint Committee was tasked to examine the issue of these cadres alone, and not others.These terms of reference were accepted in principle by all the three Associations who were part of the Joint Committee and thus negotiations and the final recommendations of the committee are obviously restricted to JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres only.This fundamental fact has to be understood and appreciated. The committee did not have mandate to go beyond this.

Change in pay scales from E3 to E4, E4 to E5 and E5 to E6 and E6 to E7 (cascading effect) were not in the terms of reference of the Joint Committee since those pay scales are standard pay scales and already approved by DoT. Nevertheless that never means that we shall not be struggling in the days to come to raise this issue once the crucial issue of the reversion of cadres of JTOs/SDEs is defeated and resolved conclusively. This is time to exclusively and single-mindedly focus on replacing E1 and E2 by E2 and E3 for JTO/SDEs. Let us not get distracted under any circumstances to get this serious anomaly corrected now itself to pave the way for future upgradation of pay scales for Sr SDEs/DEs/DGMs/SG DGMs equivalent cadres.

Change in the above pay scales not going to give any financial benefit to the existing Executives as all of them crossed the minimum of the next higher scales as on 01.01.2007. Settlement of E2, E3 pay scales will take us close to our original demand of E2, E3 to E7. This demand is still on and can be taken up at appropriate time. E2, E3 will be the stepping stone for this in the future.

Implementation of E2, E3 scales will definitely benefit the young JTO/JAOs recruited in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and future recruits. Similarly the Executives becoming SDE/AO after 01.01.2007 also as they will reach E3 scale directly instead of E2A scale, in 5 years.

Seniors reached E3 scale in 10 to 11 years, now our juniors will reach E3 in 5 years, it is not demoralisation but really motivation to the cadre.

Joint Committee recommended E2, E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A. Cascading effect is not considered or recommended by the committee as it was not in the terms of reference. Then raising the demand now after becoming part of the Joint Committee recommendation when management is considering implementation of E2, E3 scale is nothing but delaying or derailing tactics on implementation of E2, E3 scale?

If Sr SDE equivalent scale is abolished, one upgradation got between 2007 and 2016 to E3 scale in Sr SDE equivalent grade and consequent fixation for large number of Executives will be affected and all will face recovery and reduction in pay. Further, youngsters will lose one assured promotion in their entire service. It will create lot of anomalies also.

If Sr SDE equivalent grade is abolished, then it has to be merged either with SDE or DE. Merger with SDE is not acceptable to us. In case of merger with DE, thousands of Executives in E3 scale from 01.01.2007 has to be shifted to E4 scale. Then naturally Executives in E4 has to be shifted to E5 and so on. This is nothing but cascading effect which management not ready to consider at all.

The reversion/demotion of the JTO/JAOs from E1A to E1 and SDE/AOs from E2A to E2 is more demoralising than a Sr SDE continuing in the same pay scale of E3 without any financial loss. That also when he reaches E3 scale in 5 years instead of present 10 to 11 years.

If E2, E3 scale is not implemented, youngsters and the cadre will lose heavily but seniors will not lose anything evenif cascading effect is not implemented.

Contradicting or changing stand from the Joint Committee recommendations at this point of time will be the only stumbling block in implementation of E2, E3 pay scale for the youngsters. They are torpedoing the E2, E3 scales and the future of the cadre as well as the 11,000 JTO/JAOs recruited in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014 and the future recruits.

Joint Committee recommendation on CPSU cadre Hierarchy, assuring three(3) functional promotions in addition to financial upgradation to E5 and E6 scales is as under:

a) JTO to SDE grade after 5 years of regular service as JTO.

b) SDE to Sr SDE grade after 5 years of regular service as SDE.

c) Sr SDE to AGM grade after 5 years of regular service as Sr SDE.

All the three Associations are signatory to the above recommendations.

In CPSU hierarchy, all promotions are functional promotion and nothing is there like non functional promotion. In CPSU Hierarchy, Sr SDE grade is also functional promotion.

In the joint committee, SDE to Sr SDE and Sr SDE to DE promotions are recommended by the members, then how the stand is changing now by demanding to abolish of Sr SDE grade.

If Sr SDE equivalent grade is abolished, then it has to be merged with either with SDE or DE. Merger with SDE is not acceptable to us. Management will not agree for the other proposal.

If Sr SDE grade is abolished, youngsters will lose one promotion in their entire service. After 20 years of service (E2 to E6 scale, each after 5 years), for the remaining 15 years of service, they will not have any promotion, demoralising the entire Executives.

For the sake of seniors to get an early promotion to DE grade who already enjoyed the benefit of promotion to Sr SDE scale earlier, it is not fair to abolish one promotion for the youngsters for their entire service period.

It is not a new phenomenon in BSNL alone that two grades, SDE and Sr SDE equivalent are in the same pay scale of E3. In NTPC, E2(Sr Asst Engineer) and E2A(Engineer) grades are working in the same E3 pay scale and E7(Dy General Manager), E7A(Addl General Manager) and E8(General Manager) grades are working in the same E8 pay scale. In BHEL, E5(Sr Manager) and E6(Dy General Manager) Grades are working in the same E7 pay scale and E6A(Sr General Manager), E7(Addl General Manager) and E8(General Manager) grades are working in the same E8 pay scale. In BSNL itself, Addl General Manager, General Manager, Chief General Manager and Executive Director are working in the same pay scale of E9.

Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy will ensure one functional promotion for atleast 30,000 Executives to SDE/AO or Sr SDE/Sr AO or DE/CAO/EE equivalent grades on the day of its implementation.

All the Executives promoted or recruited prior to 2012 will get one functional promotion on the day of CPSU implementation.

Any effort at this crucial stage to ask for amendments of the recommendations of Joint Committee is nothing but a clear attempt to derail and defeat settlement of both the crucial issues of introduction of standard pay scales for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres as well as CPSU cadre hierarchy. Implementation of 3rd recommendation is fully depending on the first two issues. We have a unique, distinguished and chequered history of facilitating and enabling the implementation of the recommendations of the committees, of which we were part and parcel and signatory, to get the issues resolved, not derailed or defeated by having second thoughts after being part and parcel of the committee, its deliberations and the final report submitted by the committee. Raising extraneous issues at this crucial hour is nothing but a sinister and clear move to defeat settlement of both these crucial issues. Let us remain united and extraordinarily vigilant to ensure implementation of the recommendations of the Joint Committee in letter and spirit, at the earliest and hidden agenda or selfish motives are not derailing the recommendations. Our eyes should be all set on resolution of these critical issue. 



23rd Nov 2015 6th District Conference of Hisar SSA,

The 6th District Conference of Hisar SSA was held at Hisar on 21st November, 2015. Sh. Akhilesh Kumar Gupta, ITS, GMTD, Hisar graced the occasion as the Chief Guest of function. CHQ Joint Secretary (Central) Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya, Ex. Circle President Com. L. C. Saharan, CHQ VP NFTE Com. Shispal Malhan, Circle President, BSNLEU Com. Naresh Kumar, Circle Organising Secretary AIGETOA Com. Rakesh Malik, DGM(CFA) Hisar Sh. Rakesh Kumar Verma, DGM (F) Hisar Sh. A .P. Bansal attended the conference.
A grand open session was held on 21/11/2015. All the dignitaries, who attended the conference in different capacities, addressed the open session. In the open session, all the discussions were focused on viability of BSNL, to make the efforts how to bring up the state run company in profit.
The major break through of the conference was joining of SNEA by Circle Secretary, AIBSNLOA, HR Com. Surender Kumar, District Secretary, AIBSNLOA, Hisar Com. Satish Gakhar. Seven comrades from AIGETOA, Hisar namely Sh. Dinesh Kumar Ex Distt Secy, Sh. Rajesh Malik, Sh. Joginder Goyat, Sh. Rakesh Kumar, Sh. Ramsher, Sh. Surajmal, Smt. Monika Chhabra have joined SNEA on this occasion. Two more new members namely Sh. Vijender Kumar and sh. Santosh Kumar also joined the SNEA on this occasion. SNEA HR welcomes all the members in the family.
In the said conference, Com. Dharamvir Verma SDE, Com. Surender Kumar SDE, Com. Dhan Singh SDE are elected as President, Distt. Secretary, Distt. Treasurer respectively for the next term
Other office bearers of the district body are as under :

  1. Vice President   : Com. Sunita Arora SDE
  2. Assistant District Secy     : Com. Pramod Godara        SDE
  3. Assistant District Secy     : Com. Sube Singh JTO
  4. Assistant Distt. Treasurer : Com. Pawan Chawla SDE
  5. Organising Secy                : Com. Vasudha Sharma JTO
  6. Organising Secy                : Com. Usha Rani JTO
  7. Auditor                             : Com. Paramjeet Kaur SDE   


SNEA HR CIRCLE wish you a very very Happy , wealthy and prosperous Diwali to you and your family . May God give you All that you want and need in your life. Enjoy Festival with lots of light.




All members are requested to contribute Rs 200/- towards CHQ Legal Fund as decided in the CWC meeting at Chennai. SSA Secs may collect the fund immediately and deposit in the CHQ A/C in March itself. After depositing the amount in CHQ account, intimate the details to CHQ treasurer through SMS or email and get confirmation.

23rd oct 2015 - Order of Lookafter arrangement in cadre of SDE <<CLICK>>

23rd Oct 2015 - 5th CRC of SNEA Haryana Photos <1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <9> <!0)> <11> <12> <13> <14> <15> <16> <17> <18> <19> <20>

21th oct 2015 -5th CRC of SNEA(I) Haryana was conducted on 17.10.2015 at Jind.in Rakshan Hotel Circle President Com. L.C. Saharan hoisted the SNEA flag and inaugurated the open session. Com. L.C. Saharan presided over the function of open session. CGMT Haryana Sh. R.C. Arya was the chief guest of the function. Chairman SNEA(I) CHQ Com. G.L. Jogi,  CHQ President Com. A. Khan, General Secretary Com. K. Sebestian, GMTD Rewari Sh. B.L. Varshney, Circle Secreatry Punjab Com. Amarjeet Singh, Joint Secretary (North) Com. Jasvir Singh, Joint Secretary (Central) Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya, Ex-Circle Secretary Com. Rajeshwar Chamola, Ex-Circle Secretary Com. M.L. Gaur and Ex-Circle Secretary Com. Deshwal were among the dignitaries who graced the occasion. Delegates from the different corners of Haryana Telecom Circle attended the function with full enthusiasm.
After the open session,  circle secretary Com Jaipal Singh presented the Circle secretary report of the tenure which was approved by the house with one voice. Circle treasurer report was presented by Com. Sanjeev Mittal. After that Below noted comrades were elected as Circle body for the next term

S. No.





Com. Satish Kumar Bindal


Circle President


Com. Ram Narayan Sharma


Circle Vice President


Com. Yashvir Singh


Circle Vice President


Com. Raja Ram Nehra


Circle Vice President


Com. Deepak Talwar


Circle Vice President


Com. Surender Singh


Circle Secretary


Com. Manoj Kumar


Assistant Circle Secretary


Com. Subhash Rana


Assistant Circle Secretary


Com. Jarnail Singh


Assistant Circle Secretary


Com. Dilbagh Singh


Assistant Circle Secretary


Com. Neeraj Kaushik


Circle Treasurer


Com. Ranbir Singh


CWC Member


Com. Pradeep Kumar


CWC Member


Com. Sandeep Jain


Organising Secretary


Com. Mahender Singh Chauhan


Organising Secretary



14thOctober2015- All Distt secretaries and Activists are requested ,pl motivate all the comrades of your ssa to participate in open session and CRC in Rakshen Hotel Jind on Dated 17-10-2015 at 10 AM

A grand open session on the occasion of DRC of Faridabad Telecom Distt was held in the presidentship of Com P.N Nigam in Akash Hotel Faridabad on dated 22-08-2015 on the Topic "REVIVAL OF BSNL ". GMTD Sh KAUSHAR KHAN was chief guest and Towering personlity Com G L Gogi with Respected Madam Lalita Gogi ,Dynamic Leader G.S. SNEA Com K. Sebastin , Com Arvind pal Dahiya AGS HQ,Com Jaipal singh C/S ,Com D/S Rewari Nitaya Nand, and Maximum Comrades of Faridabad SSA also participated in the session.whole session was conduct in a peaceful manner under the control of com Raja Ram Distt sec Faridabad with decent hospitality.

.The conference hall was fully packed to listen the Dynamic Leader Com GL Gogi since 11:30 am to 5pm .

For next term The following office bearer were elected unanimously

President            : Com.Sh.M.K.Kaul ,DGM
V.President-1    : Com.Sh.K.K.Mewani, AGM
V.President-II   : Com. Sh.P.N.Nigam , DEP
Distt.Secy.          : Com.Sh.Vijay Kumar , SDE
Astt.D.S-I             : Com.Sh. Tilak Raj Chauhan , JTO
Astt.D.S-II           : Com.Sh. Pawan Kumar , JTO
Fin.Secy               : Com.Sh.Rupesh Kumar, JTO
Astt.Fin.Secy     : Com.Sh.Deepak Kumar , JTO
Org. Secy.            : Com.Sh.Ravinder Kumar , JTO

Executive Members:
Com.Smt. Daisy Singh DEP
Com.Smt. Rajni Nagpal AGM
Com.Sh.Subhash Rana JTO
Com.Sh.Danveer Singh JTO
Com.Sh.Rampal Sharma SDO

Photoes of the Events <<1>> <<2>> <<3>> <<4>> <<5>>




27th 2015-Congrates to All comrades for the success of mission of Held in abeyance the mass transfer order of SDEs and Thanks of worthy CGMT and Sr GM HR to take the positve view and considered the Associations request in the intrest of BSNL <<order>>


16th July 2015- C S write a letter to CGMT Haryana for cancellation of mass transfer orders in the cadre of SDE intracircle <<Letter>>

16th July 2015 - Notice for CEC <<1 >>

20th May 2015 - A grand open session on the occasion of DRC of Ambala Telecom Distt was held in the presidentship of Com Jasmer singh on dated 16-05-2015 at Ambala .Com Jaipal singh C/S ,com Mohinder singh ACS com Ranbir singh CWC Member, com Rajkumar D/S Karnal and com Manish Nagi were also present and address the session . For next term com SK Bindal , com Manish Nagi and com N K Gupta with their team were elected unanimously President , Secretary and treasurer respectively

12th May 2015-A grand open session on the occasion of DRC of Rohtak Telecom Distt was held in the presidentship of Com H K Batra in D2M Hotel Rohtak on dated 10-05-20154 on the Topic "SAVE BSNL SAVE NATION".Sr GMTD Sh S P Tripathi was chief guest and Towering personlity Com G L Gogi with Respected Madam Lalita Gogi ,Arvind pal Dahiya AGS HQ, Com LC Saharan C/P Haryana ,Com Jaipal singh C/S ,Com Mohinder singh Acs ,Com Sajeev Mittal C/ Treasurer, D/S Com Sumit Manchanda , D/S Rewari Com Nitaya Nand, D/S Jind Com Pardeep Kumar and Maximum Comrades of Rohtak SSA also participated in the session.The conference hall was fully packed to listen the Dynamic Leader Com GL Gogi since 12am to 5pm .For next term com Sumit Manchanda , com Ramesh nehra and com Vijender Singh with their team were elected unanimously President , Secretary and treasurer respectively .

PHOTOS <<1>> <<2>> <<3>> <<4>>


05 th May 2015 :-Distt confernce of Karnal SSA was held on dated 17/04/2015 at Aroma Hotel Model Town Karnal and during open session Sh Ashok Shrivastava Sr G M T D and Com Arvind Pal Dahiya AGS (HQ) were present as Chief Guest and Honour of Guest Respectively of the session. Circle Secretary Com JaiPal Singh, CWC Member Com Ranbir singh ,Distt secretary com Rajkumar and all the members of Karnal SSAwere also present during the whole session and the following Distt office bearers were elected for the next term with their team

Distt President :- Sh Manoj Tomer SDE

Distt Secretary :-Sh Raj Kumar SDE

Distt Cashier :- Sh Praveen Kumar JTO



23th April 2015-The wave of unity and action by BSNL comrades has created History of two days strike. In the history strikes in BSNL as well as DoT, it may first ever time that about all employees and officers of BSNL have taken part in total strike and confirmed their commitment towards the revival of BSNL and this wave of unity will surely bend the concerned Officers in DoT and Govt of India to listen the issues raised by Forum and to resolve all the issues to root cause. This unity in support of “Save Nation Save BSNL” call given by Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations, New Delhi, will be written in Golden letters in the history of struggles in any organisation/PSU.

SNEA (I) Haryana specially conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all executives and Non executives for their unconditional support to call “Save BSNL Save Nation” and showing firm unity and commitment for further struggle for survival of BSNL.

20 th April 2014- Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

Make extensive preparations. Success of the strike going to decide the future of BSNL and the future of the employees All SSA Secretaries  and Branch Secretaries are requested to make it success by cordinating with other associations and unions

2nd Sept 2014


Promotion from SDE / Sr.SDE / DE adhoc  to  the Grade of DE Regular orders issued for 29 executives..



1st sept 2014- Post card campaign on 03.09.2014: 

All SSA Secretaries  and Branch Secretaries are requested to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL


1st Sept 2014- A grand open session on the topic of: 'Role & participation of Human Resorce for the growth of Telecom Sector ' in the presidentship of Com R K Sharma was held in APAR Hotel Narnaul on the occassion of 6th DRC of Rewari SSA on dated 30-08-2014.Sr GMTD Sh B L Varshney was chief guest and Com Arvind pal Dahiya AGS HQ, Com LC Saharan C/P Haryana ,Com Jaipal singh C/S ,Com Mohinder singh Acs ,Com Ramphal Yadav D/S and Comrades of other unions & Association also participated and sharing their vision for revival of BSNL

06th June 14 - SNEA(I) HR Circle welcomes the younger comrade Nitanand Distt President (AIGETOA) Rewari along with revered 7 members, com Vishal Sangi ,com Ashutosh Salvi, com Sandeep Saini, com Mukesh Bundela, com Sandeep Verma, com Rahual Yadav and com Manjit Kumar joined snea(i ) in a grand welcome ceremony held at Hotel Rao Narnaul in the presence of com Jaipal singh C/S, com Mohinder singh ACS and com Ramphal D/S with their team. All the new comrades warmly greeted at this historical occasion. All the comrades pledged to work unitedly for BSNL

<<Photo1>> <<2>> <<3>>

15th April 14- Attention DSs / BSs

District / Branch Treasurers are requested to clear CHQ quota up to April-2014, Pending  Building fund / Legal fund before this month end since our CWC is scheduled on 26th and 27th of May 2014 at Jaipur..

View Quota Payment details as on 13-04-14.

View Pending Building / Legal Fund details.

Receipt No. Date Circle SSA Period CHQ Quota
Delegate Fees
Observer Fees
Building Fund
Legal Fund
1 2805 23-12-2013 Haryana Karnal 12/12-02/13 20800 - - - - - By NEFT transfer.
2 2787 25-10-2013 Haryana Rewari 01/13-10/13. 8000 - - - - - By Cash on 25-10-13. Members-20.
3 2768 21-10-2013 Haryana Jind 01/13-09/13 9000 - - - - - Cash Deposit on 21-10-13. Members - 25.
4 2754 15-10-2013 Haryana Ambala Nov 12 1340 - - - - - Cash Deposit on 15-10-13. Members-33
5 2745 09-10-2013 Haryana Ambala 05/12 - 10/12 14400 - - - - - cash deposited on 09-10-13 members 60
6 2737 19-09-2013 Haryana Jind - 0 - - - - 4800 Cash Deposit on 19-09-2013.
7 2735 13-09-2013 Haryana Faridabad 01/12-06/13 6000 - - - - - Cash Deposit on 13-09-13. Members - 25.
8 2712 03-08-2013 Haryana Rohtak 03/12-07/13 19800 - - - - - Cash on 03-08-13. Members - 30.
9 2711 02-08-2013 Haryana Rohtak - 0 - - - - 6000 Cash on 02-08-13.
10 2710 02-08-2013 Haryana Rewari - 0 - - - - 4000 Cash on 02-08-13.
11 2708 19-07-2013 Haryana Hisar 01/13-03/13 4800 - - - - - Cash Deposit on 19-07-13. Members 40
12 2703 27-06-2013 Haryana Ambala Nov-12 1460 - - - - - Cash Deposit on 27-06-13. Members-36
13 2696 31-05-2013 Haryana Karnal - 0 - - - - 10000 Cash Deposit on 31-05-13.
14 2691 15-05-2013 Haryana Hisar - 0 - - - - 10000 Cash Deposit on 15-05-13.
15 2689 13-05-2013 Haryana Faridabad - 0 - - - - 5000 Cash Deposit on 13-05-13.
16 2671 22-03-2013 Haryana Ambala Apr-12 1500 - - - - - Cash deposit through cheque. Members - 38.
17 2557 11-12-2012 Haryana Ambala Apr-12 500 - - - - - Cash Deposit. Members - 12
18 2556 11-12-2012 Haryana Ambala 03/12-04/12 1620 - - - - - Cash Deposit. Members - Mar 12 - 61, Apr-12 - 10

The amount may be directly deposited in CHQ account. They are requested to get confirmation for the deposited amount from CHQ treasurer either through SMS or  e-mail. Further they are requested to send the breakup details like CHQ quota period / Membership details / Building fund, Legal fund etc in respect of the deposited amount to Com.R.Rajan, CHQ Treasurer (e-mail id - rajanbsnl@gmail.com, Mobile - 09486102600).

6th March- SNEA (I)Haryana Circle conveys its sincere thanks and gratitude to all the comrades throughout Haryana for their solid unity and successful day long dharana as per agitational programme given by CHQ

PHOTOS of KARNAL SSA<1> <2> REWARI SSA <1> <2> <3> ROHTAK < 1> <2>

25th Feb 2014 -Lunch Hour Demonstration Photo of Rohtak and Rewari SSA << RTK SSA>> << Rewari SSA>>

22rd FEB 2014 -A general body metting of Jhajjar Distt of Rohtak SSA was held on dated 22/02/2014 in the chairmanship of Com Satyabir singh Duhan DE and Com Sumit Manchanda DS Rohtak. Circle Org Secretary Com Neeraj Kaushik,Circle Secretary Com JaiPal Singh and AGS com Arvind pal Dahiya were also present during the whole session and the following Branch office bearers were elected for the next term unanimously.

Circle body SNEA Haryana welcome to all the AIGETOA of Jhjajjar Distt. on the ocassion of joining SNEA.


PRESIDENT                          COM RAMAVTAR DE JJR

AUDITOR                             COM VED PARKASH JTO

7th Feb 2014-The result of Limited internal competitive exam for JTO has been declared by haryana circle. The team of circle office burnt midnight oil in this laborious task overcoming all hurdles viz litigation and related issues. We extend our sincere thanks and gratitude on behalf of all the successful canditates vis-a-vis circle body of SNEA(I) Haryana.We also convey our sinister thanks to all the officers of Admn section and highly special thanks to Sr GM Admn Circle office who played a very crucial and pivotal role in this matter.We again congratulate all the successful canditates and we welcome all of them to be part of executive fraternity. Congrats. 


3rd Jan 2014 : SNEA (I) HR Congrates Sr GMTD HISAR,REWARI and KARNAL and their team to generate the remarkable revenue in the month of December 2013 by C-TOPUP in GSM Services and getting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in HR circle and 2nd ,8th and 10th position in 110 SSA's of north zone respectively

HISAR- Rs 71619403/-

REWARI- Rs 48421456/-

KARNAL- Rs-43915451/-


2nd Jan 2014 : The following post of circle office bearers apporved by CEC at Rewari unanimously against the vacant post for the remaning term

1 Com Ranbir Singh -CWC Member

2 Com M S Chauhan - ACS

3 Com Arvind Aggarwal -Org. Sec

4 Com Pardeep Kumar - Org .Sec

5 Com Sunil Kumar - Auditor

1 Jan 14: SNEA (I) HR Circle wish “A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2014” to all the executives, their family members and esteemed customers of BSNL.

31stDec 2013-A CEC meet of SNEA(I) Hr. Circle convened on Dt:- 24-12-2013 at Kanisk Hotel , Rewari. All the circle office bearers and Dist body office bearers along with large number of comrades of Hr. Circle participated in the event. Com. L C  Saharan  circle president presided over the function and  Com. A.P. Dahiya AGS attended the function as a chief guest to grace the occasion.
                                 At the outset, Com. Jaipal Singh Circle Secy  welcomed all the comrades in his key note address and thanked for the participation braving all odds in this chilly weather to make the event a big success. Com. Jaipal Singh presented CS report and mainly emphasized on member verification  issue and requested all the Distt. Secy to coordinate with other executive associations in this matter. Com. Yashpal ACS thanked all the comrades on behalf of host SSA. Com. Dahiya interacted with all the comrades on various issues such as DPC’s, MT RR and current issues at CHQ level. Sr. GMTD Sh. B L varshney attended the function as a guest of honor and addressed the house. Sr. GMTD laid stress on land line, BB, Enterprise Business  to increase the overall revenue of BSNL. Chairman reception committee Com Hari ram and I S yadav greeted  Sh B L Varsheny while presenting a bouquet. All the Dist Secy assured to rise up to the occasion and tried at their best to increase the overall membership of Hr circle. Com L C Saharan in his brief presidential address  thanked all the comrades and underlined the issue of member verification in a grand success.  Com M S khanna  anchored the event as stage secretary. All the comrades appreciated the efforts of host SSA to make the event a big success

<PHOTOS>>>> < 1 >

<2> <3> <4> <5> <6> <7> <8> <9> <10> <11>

19th Dec 2013 - All Distt sec's and Distt treasurer's are requested to deposite the circle quota and CEC fee to circle treasurer before CEC

16th 2013- Approval letter of circle to attend the CEC of SNEA (I) HR at Rewari on dated 24-12-2013 <click>

11th Dec 2013-A CEC meeting of SNEA (I) Haryana circle is scheduled to be held at 10:30 a.m on dated 24-12-2013 at Rewari

The venue of CEC
 Hotel Kanishk SCO 114-115
Brass Market

All circle office bearers ,Distt Sec and activists are requested to make it convinent to attend the meting in time

22nd OCTOBER 2013 -CS and DS of Ambala met to CGMT in the presence of Sr GM HR and discuss the issues of 1Relieving of executives in inter circle Transfers 2 Declaration the result of LDCE from TTA to JTO 3 Consider the request transfer of executives in intracircle 4 Arrangement of stores for field requirement . CGMT assured us to resolve the issues discussed in meeting on top priority



PRESIDENT                          COM ROSHAN LAL DE
23rd Sept 2013 Distt confernce of Jind SSA was held on dated 21/09/2013 in the chairmanship of Com Sh shyamlal DE and Com M S Khanna Acs .Assist. Circle President Com Kaushik,Circle Secretary Com JaiPal Singh and Acs com Rajpal Dahiya were also present during the whole session and the following Distt office bearers were elected for the next term
AUDITOR                             COM PARDEEP KUMAR KHATKAR SDE

16th Sept 2013 - Haryana Circle body given a memorandum to CMD BSNL on 14.09.2013 during his visit to Kurukshetra (Haryana) on the occasion of closing ceremony of 13th All India BSNL Chess Tournament. CS Com Jai Pal Singh, CP Com L.C.Saharan, ACS Com Dharamvir Verma, DS Karnal Com Raj Kumar and DS Ambala Com Manish Nagi were present

1<<copy of memorandum>>

2 <<photo>>

19th August 2013 -Officiating arrangement in the cadre of JTO- <<click>>

16th August 2013

Congratulations!Promotion  from SDE / SR SDE / Adhoc  DE to Regular  STS order issued for the vacancy  year 2009-2010 ( for 246 ). For remaining vacancy years, orders are expected soon.



8th August -Modification of promotion order in the cadre of sde-<<<click1>>>




11th June 2013-Congratulate to Distt Sec Hisar and Karnal Distt and their members for depositing Legal Fund in a/c of CHQ


Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations has served notice for trade union actions on 78.2% IDA merger w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the agreement signed between the BSNL Mgt and BSNL Unions/Associations on 12.06.2012.


1) Demonstrations on 22.05.2013.

2) Dharna on 05.06.2013.

3) Indefinite Strike from 12.06.2013 onwards.

All the circle Office Bearers, Distt / Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure the successful implementation of above Organisational Programmes. Combined meetings and door to door campaigning should be started immediately.

14th May 2013- C/S write a letter to worthy CGM(NTR) Regarding Financial upgradation of Executives <<click>>

4th May 2013-congrates to Faridabad SSA Comrades for example of solidarity and unity in case of harassment of lady executive by GMTD

After detailed discussion with employees by Dir(HRD) about this issue, the GM is transferred to Ranchi, Jharkand circle. Suspension and repatriation proposal will be sent to DOT for the approval of the competent authority.

30th April 2013- Looking after arrangement clarification <<click >>

26th April 2013 - Modality of look after arrangement in DE/SDE cadre in HR circle<<CLICK>>

12th April 2013 - Look after arrangement in cadre of DE/AGM cancelled << click>>

8th April 2013- C/S write a letter to worthy CGMT HR regarding issue of look after arrangement order<< click>>

4th Jan 2013:-JTO to SDE officiating promotion orders issued.<<Click>>